I am a visual designer who loves creative problem solving. I strive for design that is meaningful, serves people's needs and enables delightful experiences.

My background is a hybrid between Swiss modernism and the progressiveness of the California art school CalArts.

In the past I was working many years in creative agencies serving and helping global enterprises, clients, organizations and startups to become the brand that embodies their values, beliefs and excellence in areas such as finance, engineering, health, science, education and government.

Currently I live in the SF Bay area and work as design consultant, freelance designer and partly as an instructor or design thinking professional.
Being in the Bay Area offers unique opportunities and I took many classes and projects to refresh my knowhow in human-centered design, user experience design and research, and I still keep learning daily from a fast paced and adventuresome environment. These are exciting times for me.

Please feel free to contact me for more details or questions.