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Case Study Brandstore.ch

Experience Design for premium Online Shop

My role: Creative Director
Client: Brandstore
Context: End-to-end experience and brand design for fashion startup
Year: 2008 - 2013

The Challenge
Brandstore is invented as a startup for online brand fashion for the Swiss Market in 2011. Their vision was to establish themselves as a premium online shop for fashion lovers who appreciate quality for a lower price and easy shopping (due to lacke of time). Launched in 2012, Brandstore went through several iterations since and has been merchandised in the mean time by it's mother company 'FashionFriends.ch'.


The new look and feel for the online shop 'Brandstore.ch'


Brandstore wanted to position itself as the premium online shop for fashion brands. Launched in 2012, Brandstore was one of the first online fashion startups in the Swiss market, and has since grown its customer base steadily. 


Flexible Grid Framework


Template design for various page types


Key UIs demonstrating alternating homepages, landing pages, shopping cart and checkout.


Shopping cart 


Market research and insights

The e-commerce sector grew rapidly in Switzerland at the time. The 2011 revenue for e-commerce in Switzerland was CHF 40 Billion, with a potential growth forecast of 26% and more (data based on survey by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, FHNW).


Based on research data from FHNW, the core target group was defined as the "smart shoppers". The smart shopper is female or male, between 30 and 45 years old, internet-savvy, brand and cost-conscious, with a well-educated background, high income but busy.
Reasons for the sudden growth in e-commerce were convenience, internet affinity, fast connection, lack of individual time and a growing willingness to shop online.  



Benchmark: A competitive analysis shows various young startups and competitors in the e-commerce market for fashion and retail business.


UX deliverables including wireframes and concept model


Draft of concept model with wireframes: diagrams the relationship between the user and Brandstore like customer service, community blog, warehouse, logistics, marketing and social media. 


Logo design process


Design guidelines for creatives, engineers and marketing 


Unified brand identity design across multiple media


Brandstore is now merchandised by online shop FashionFriends.ch.