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Branding & Design System Guidelines for Digital Media

My role: Design lead / Content Writer
Agency: Markenfels Ltd.
Client: Georg Fischer Ltd. 
Year: 2013 - 2014

Georg Fischer (GF) is a Swiss manufacturing company specialized in industrial automation with over 14'400 employees worldwide. GF comprises three divisions GF Piping Systems, GF Automotive, and GF Machining Solutions. Founded in 1802, the Corporation is headquartered in Switzerland and is present in 32 countries, with 121 companies.
GF approached us to strategize and implement their new vision, to become a premium industrial enterprise for partners, employees, market needs and technology.

Our redesign concepts is aligned with a digital strategy to aggregate all sub-brands into one family brand (roof-brand) preparing GF for its digital future. We developed a new brand design system that is agile and yet systematic, easy understandable design principles for industrial partners, marketing & engineering teams and B2B customers.
Georg Fischer’s new brand design transformed the companies internal work culture and structure of divisions. As well as the new design had a major impactful and positive effect on investor relations communication, industrial partners, revenue and leveraging GF’s market position as an innovative industrial leader.

My role
I was the design lead of 3 - 4 junior designers led the design development of a new design system. My primary focus lies on the design and solutions for GF’s digital touch points and applications, from B2B apps templates, navigational principles to social media profile and online annual report communication on tablets. We designed guidelines that culminated in a very handy and widely appreciated brand book.


A new digital brand design for Georg Fischer (GF)


Overview of Georg Fischer's new brand design across multiple platforms


The new GF brand design elements


The GF logo, sparkles, colors typography, imagery and info graphics build a fresh and all-encompassing for a new global identity. The GF e-media guidelines determine how and when to apply the new brand design elements across all platforms, leaving room for technical constraints and latitude for the designers to enable tailored solutions and compositions.


Responsive design framework


A flexible grid system allows Georg Fischer (GF) to move from a highly static design towards a dynamic and responsive framework. A consistent brand and image performance across multiple platforms had highest priority.


Typography on the screen 

Reader-friendly publications are crucial for the audience and investors. For instance, at yearly shareholder presentations companies present their annual reports on tablets or mobiles.
For GF that meant a new challenge. Used to expensive printed annual reports, the transition to digital publications required a strict typography guideline on how to design and layout a responsive, reader-friendly, and well designed publication for tablets and smartphones. 


Navigational principles for the web

This chapter focuses on navigational principles for the various platforms and devices. For the individual GF divisions it was essential to maintain their business structures in new applications. The excerpt above shows an overview of different kinds of standard navigations with different levels of complexity. 


Navigational design principles for B2B & B2C apps

Most of GFs' business partners use, rely and / or even create their own B2B or B2C apps, for internal supplies, measurements or engineering. The goal was to aggregate the 'wilderness' of all apps into one GF division app. The example above shows four UIs of B2B app launchers that are using the navigational principles with the specific GF colors, typography and sparkles.


Establishing a GF icon family for apps

When creating icons for apps, toolbars or navigation, a systematic graphic style is imperative. The goal is to achieve with a unique GF icon family over time, pursuing a clear graphic style for iconography that is typical and recognizable for GF.


Establishing a coherent GF profile on social media

At the time Georg Fischer had many different social media profiles that were not managed strategically. To achieve an overall coherent brand profile across all social media, the examples above suggest on how to incorporate the GF brand identity design.


The new strategic brand alignment of GF

A collection of individual guidelines – made as the GF brand book – determine all touch points and implementation of the new brand design across all GF departments. All GF brand executives around the globe received such brand books to promote the new GF brand to assure consistency and holistic brand experience across multiple platforms.
Developed and implemented by Markenfels Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland – 2013.