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Employer Branding for biggest Bakery of Switzerland

My role: Design lead
Client: Jowa.ch
Year: 2013 - 2014

In Switzerland, bread has a tradition and is deeply rooted in the Swiss culture. JOWA is by numbers the biggest bakery in Switzerland, but its brand lacks the aura of premium and prestige, and is not perceive as a strong Swiss brand on its own. It's a MIGROS company, a sub-brand in Migros brand and product portfolio, the country's largest retailer.
JOWA has commissioned the creative agency Markenfels to develop an new brand value strategy and design. The following showcase provides insight into design process of rebranding.


JOWA – the biggest Bakery of Switzerland 

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In Switzerland, bread has a tradition and is consumed by Swiss population daily and to almost every dish.


Market research and insights


JOWA breads and pastries are consumed by more then 50 % of the Swiss households. Despite of its strong market presence, due mainly to its exposure by MIGROS supermarkets – the biggest retailer in Switzerland, JOWA lacks innovation and prestige. Especially in comparison with some other MIGROS products like 'Frey' – the premium chocolate brand.


Market analysis* has indicated these four core target audiences of JOWA, and each needed to be addressed with individual communication strategies.
* Market analysis was developed and worked out at customers workshops


Brand value matrix


The brand value matrix represents the landscape of Swiss premium and traditional brands in the baking and chocolate industry. JOWA's mission was to move up from an unknown industrial bakery company and supplier to an innovative and exclusive Swiss brand. 


JOWA's new brand value platform


JOWA's new brand value platform holds three descriptive terms that describe the brand: delicious, diverse and reliable. JOWA's heart piece of the brand (center) is a synopsis to communicate its mission.


Strategic alignment to an innovative premium Swiss brand with employer branding 


Creating a new strong employer brand for JOWA


The design process

...we created four different JOWA worlds. Each mood board above represents one world capturing cultural, social and economic findings around one brand value.


Four different design concepts

The four design concepts, each with a new logo, color palette, typographic concept, imagery and relevant media, were presented to and discussed with the customer.


Logo design process (excerpt)

In the process a large number and great variety of logo design were created. The red arrow indicates the final direction of the new logo design. The idea behind the new logo design is a hint of the warm and fresh baked bread, an abstracted scent.


JOWA's new employer brand


JOWA's sales point for end-consumers, wholesale and industrial customers


Employer Branding: JOWA's proud bakers

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The new employer brand was implemented step by step starting from 2014 - 2016. 
Developed by Markenfels AG, Zurich, Switzerland. © Markenfels Ltd. 2014