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Mobile Design for Music App

My role: Design lead and contractor at Vehicle SF
Client: Boombotix
Year: 2015

Boombotix is a startup based in San Francisco that designs innovative, high-quality portable audio speakers. The target audience are young creatives, DJs, music lovers that are tech-savvy, urban and outdoor active people at the same time.

With the goal to be more mobile by extending their music experience outdoors, Boombotix wanted to invent their own music app. Vehicle SF – a creative agency for whom I was a design lead contractor – got commissioned to design the new Boombotix mobile application – for iOS and Android.

View InVision Prototype


Boombotix engineers industrial products and designs innovative technologies that seeks in ultra-portability and acoustic speaker performance. Located in San Francisco, the epicenter of technological innovation, the city is their lab. 


Boombotix People and Brand


The Boombotix audience is youthful, so the vocabulary is fresh, colorful, bold and punk. The voice reflects the immediacy of a mobile generation, fluent in technology. The Boombotix people embrace and have appreciation for art, culture, music and design – and definitely a sense of humor. There is a confidence of someone who’s been around the block a time or two, maintaining a strong street culture and enhancing outdoor adventures that nurtures self-expression at every turn.


Brand Tenets

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.02.18 PM.png

Brand Design Elements


Design Prototype for Android & iOS

Click on image to see interactive prototype

Click on image to see interactive prototype


Flow sequence Speaker Connection


Flow sequence Play – with queue list and voice-enabled technology


App Flow Structure

App Flow Structure .png

The app structure contains three main areas the users goes through:
1. Onboarding experience or the set up
2. Play experience
3. Settings for adjusting the user's music settings, the music source, speaker connection and the network.

Low-Fi Sketch App Structure


Thinking through the product, it's structure and user flow requires a lot of low-fi sketching and paper prototyping


Product branding for 'Thundercloud'

Music App - Thundercloud_branding_A.png

Boombotix had also their own cloud based chip technology under development, called 'Thundercloud'. The Thundercloud chip could be inserted directly into the speakers to allow fast connectivity without depending on other networks like Bluetooth or Wifi.


Final Prototype

UX_Play_Music App.jpg